• Rakia Academy- Private Founding members Event
    Sun, Oct 11
    Online event
    Invite only event, hosted by Israeli Air Force pilots, featuring speaker General (retired) Dan Halutz, former IDF Chief of Staff, presenting the "Rakia" Academy. Learn how you can take part in the future leadership of Israel.

More than ever, Israel needs young leaders.

"Rakia” project was built to train and empower the next generation of leaders in the Israeli society, in both public and private sectors, based on the IAF culture and unique proven methods.


Who are we?

We are Israeli Air Force Apache pilots past and present, gathered to establish an innovative leadership academy based on our professional experience and organizational culture.

We believe

We believe, from years of experience, that the ability to influence the IDF and the Israeli society is dependent on new leadership - One that believes in innovation, entrepreneurship, ability to cope with changing environments, and to constantly recover from failures towards a noble mutual goal.


How we can do that?

We have decided to make a change in Israeli society by providing practical tools to students, rooted in the IAF culture.
Establishing a leadership academy that will cultivate a sense of responsibility, excellence and leadership among young individuals with outstanding potential, from a variety of backgrounds within the Israeli society.


Our solution

Foster a young group of leaders charged with responsibility for the future of the State of Israel based on two flagship programs:

  • Pre-Military Leadership Academy​ (starts September 2020)
  • Advanced Leadership program post military service (starts 2023)




First Preparatory Year


Leadership Academy

Our guiding values

Group 14142.png



Leadership and entrepreneurship

Flexibility and coping with failure

Debriefing and self improvement

These values will be the cornerstones in the process of educating these young individuals to become society's future leaders, and they will equip them with the capability to confront the challenges facing the State of Israel. ​


Diversity as a value- they all share unimaginable potential

Our students

Young Men & Women

Challenging Socio-economic Levels

Diverse Backgrounds and Cultures