Our Story​


​"Rakia" is a pre-military leadership academy founded by Israeli Air Force pilots. We aim to cultivate a sense of responsibility, excellence and leadership among young individuals who share the quality of outstanding potential yet come from diverse backgrounds within the Israeli society.

The Academy's Vision​


Cultivating young and innovative leadership with a sense of responsibility for the future of the State of Israel.

Who Are We Looking For​



​ Youth who possess extraordinary potential: Girls and boys, secular and religious, from all corners of Israel.

Continuing The Pioneering Spirit Of Israel



Starting September 2020, the first class of the "Rakia" Pre-Military Leadership Academy will be inaugurated in the city of Harish. Harish is the first city to be established in Israel in the past 25 years. Its development is a national effort in which we decided to participate.

"Rakia" Pre-Military Leadership Academy

Harish, Israel