About Us

  • "Rakia" is a pre-military leadership academy that will cultivate a sense of responsibility, excellence and leadership among young individuals with outstanding potential, from a variety of backgrounds within the Israeli society.

  • "Rakia" is the first pre-military leadership academy founded by Israeli Air Force pilots. We aspire to establish an innovative academy based on our unique DNA.

  • ​We believe, from years of experience, that the ability to influence the IDF and the Israeli society is dependent on new leadership - leadership that believes in innovation, entrepreneurship, coping with a changing environment, and the ability to recover from failure and exercise flexibility.

  • These values will be the cornerstones in the process of educating these young individuals to become society's future leaders, and they will equip them with the capability to confront the challenges facing the State of Israel. ​

  • "To reform the world – means to reform upbringing" – Janusz Korczak. The Israeli Air Force has an organizational culture that is an inspiration to the IDF and the entire world. We will use that culture to establish a leadership academy that serves as a model for educational facilities in the State of Israel.    

The academy's vision

Cultivating young and innovative leadership with a sense of responsibility for the future of the State of Israel.

Guiding Values



First and foremost, high standards for oneself, thoroughness, preparation and paying attention to small details – these are essential parameters for every leader.



Strengthening the sense of responsibility by exposing the students to the challenges facing Israel today, all while developing their ability to confront these challenges.

Leadership and entrepreneurship


Developing independence and taking initiative as fundamental features that form the basis of all conduct and action.


Flexibility and coping with failure

The challenges of both the IDF and the Israeli society in the 21st century require improvisation, rapid recovery and learning from failure.

Debriefing and self-improvement


Debriefing is a supreme value in the Air Force's culture. Every mission is debriefed honestly and genuinely in order to create an effective learning process. The debriefing methodology, unique to the Air Force, will be a cornerstone of the academy's values.

Method Of Operation

Pre-Military Leadership Academy

A leading pre-military academy (of high school graduates) that educates young girls and boys with outstanding potential, secular and religious, from all corners of Israel, in preparation for a meaningful service in the IDF, alongside leadership and social responsibility.

Advanced Leadership Academy (will be established later)

An academy that stimulates young leaders (ages 20-27) to participate in social contribution, through learning, training and holding key positions in Israeli society.   


Harish is the first city being established in the State of Israel in the last 25 years. Its development is a national effort and we see the establishment of the academy in Harish as an opportunity to make a contribution to this cause.

Community service is the implementation of the academy's vision. This new city faces many challenges that open up opportunities for a great deal of social contribution. This work will expose our students to some of the challenges within Israeli society and teach them lessons in leadership and entrepreneurship, as well as recovering from and coping with failure.